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Monday, January 9, 2017

Sharing an experiences and sharing is loving

I am from Zangthi. And I have learned lot of things living in our village. I thank you parents for their unwavering valuable words.

I know the scenario of our village; the lifestyle of our village, the living standard of our village, the humbleness of our people, the pathetic condition of our village and overall condition of our village and the people. Our village is not develop yet we have peaceful time throughout the years.
I as a student had gone through many hurdles yet I found a solutions. I am not praising myself. If I confessed the truth. I understood my family condition and I worked hard. I worked harder than any other students. I may not be successful man as of now but I have my experiences to be shared with young friends of Zangthi.

I appreciated young friends of Zangthi for their determination and hard work. I also appreciated young friends for understanding the condition of our village. The one thing, I appreciated young friends for studying hard. Parents will be happy for what you are doing. So, my dear young friends never mistake the track you are following in the future.

This is 21st century and era of technology. The era of digital world. We can’t live without a simple electronics device starting from simple mobile phone to television. It is amazing to see young friends with smart mobile phones and brand laptops. It is an opportunities to learn many new things with smart gadgets. Every opportunities shall follow by few negative impacts if we misuse the things. I am referring to young friend if you are studying. Class 10 and 12 are considered as turning point of the students life. If you could perform well in those standards, you are making 50% of your life. Mobile phone might not be the factor for hindering your performance but on its little way I think it will obstruct you. It may disturb your mindset for studying. It is always a good to study with free mind. It is time for study. You got an ample time for love and enjoyment. It is time merely for studies. Don’t waste your precious time in doing untidy works. The untidy works that will hinder your studies and bring down your parent emotion.

It is time you give rejoice to your parent by studying hard. Nothing is impossible. Just keep on studying and success shall be yours. Good Luck my dear young friends of Zangthi.
We will share you the experience and trip to study.

With affectionate
Jigme Zangpo

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Everything is different and difficult

I started learning the meaning of life. And everything is different and difficult. Even a subject we learned seems to be difficult.

I quote "Life is not a bed of rose but bed of throne" I unquote. Somebody has rightly said that. I find the meaning in what they have leave the saying. Life become more difficult with messy people around. People who don't know meaning of life. On the other hand life is a smooth journey if we move along the people who has greater vision of road ahead.  I wish and dream to go along the these people. I have already found those people. They are my parent.

From the #RandomThoughtOfJigmeZangpo

Friday, October 14, 2016

Count down to stay on earth.

I was sick. I went to visit doctor. She advised me to take medicine for a week. I took medicine. A week has gone by, still my condition was same. I was getting worse instead of pleasing.
I went again to visit the same doctor. She now asked me to take X-Ray and blood test. She said I should came two days later to collect the result. I went after two days. She said result was not yet ready. She said it will took three more days to complete the examination of your blood samples. I had a confusion about the result. Why it is taking too long?
I didn’t get result even after three days. That gave me a big confusion. She is not able to tell about my sickness. I thought my sickness could be incurable.
It was 14th October, 1990 after a week my blood sample was taken, I got a called from doctor saying to meet her at 2 pm at her chamber. I went with heavy heart. I seated as she offer the seat. She was nervous to talk about my result. I knew there is something which can’t be told.  I tried to stay strong and asked her to tell me truthfully. She confessed that I was diagnosed with blood cancer.
My world is coming to end soon. It is counting down. I knew I will die today or tomorrow. But I believed Buddha will come in the form of Healing Buddha to rescue me. As I took the medicine, I prayed to Medicine Buddha and healing Buddha for the miracles. My parent were supportive and I prayed always to Buddha.

Today, it is 14th October, 2016, 26 anniversary of my Blood cancer. I am still alive owing to blessing of Buddha and my root teacher. I shall remain committed to Buddha, Dharma and Sanga. Never give up the life easily. Sometime miracle happen. Enjoy your life.

Om Ah Hung Bazer Guru Pad Ma Shi Dhi Hung.

Disclaimer: The story is fiction. 


your windows license will expire soon

I had a problem of Windows (8.1) saying your windows license will expire soon again and again. It is disturbing one. I don’t remembered where I pressed.
Anyway to solve that problem you need to do following things.
Open the Task Manager. To open the Task Manager Hold down the ctrl and alt keys and press delete.
Select Task Manager.

Select the Windows Explorer, then right click on it and select Restart.
 When the process has restarted, close Task Manager, then right click the Start Menu icon, select Command Prompt (Admin). In order to open Command Prompt in administrator.
  1. Click Start, click All Programs, and then click Accessories.
  2. Right-click Command prompt, and then click Run as administrator.
  3. If the User Account Control dialog box appears, confirm that the action it displays is what you want, and then click Continue.
Enter the following command and hit enter ( Note that there is a space between slmgr and -rearm )
slmgr -rearm

Restart the computer.

Monday, October 10, 2016


I tried to write Dzongkha ballad but things are not easy. I can’t write one good paragraph. I realize no Dzongkha lesson for long time and no constant touch in Dzongkha were the factor for deteriorating my good writing in Dzongkha. I need to improve my Dzongkha writing. I will try to write Dzongkha articles and read Dzongkha for own benefit. I like to write Dzongkha article.

What is your suggestion for the improvement? I can’t find any books online in Dzongkha. That is the problem for me. If materials are available, I can practice and even many friends will practice Dzongkha.  

Friday, October 7, 2016

What are we doing?

I wonder what are we doing in this transient period of life? I wonder what are we making? I wonder why are we working so hard? I wonder why are we saving? I wonder why are we greedy? I wonder why are we possessive? I wonder why are  we hating? I wonder will go further beyond the earth if I don't stop here. Now, it is the time, I give a time for realization why I wonder and what are the partial answer for I wondering.

Yes, I agree life is short but people will do what they like. Why should I bother if their work never bother me.

Are they making something for their own but for how long they are intending to make the thing?  Till the world exist? But we can't stay till the world exist. I know they work hard for survival. It make sense if it is so. But working for saving make no sense if they save for till world exist. Because we are not going to live till world exist.

We have got a limited time to stay in this beautiful world but do we have time for hating? When we believe all animals were once our parents and people are indirectly our parent because we are living within this samsaric world, why we hate each other. Instead a genuine love should be existed.

If you read above, why don't you recite Vajra Guru Mantra at least 100 times as it has immeasurable and vast benefit in this life and next life. We know everything is impermanence.  The high profile you earned shall be ended one day. The huge amount you gathered shall be left behind when you leave this world. You have only GURU PADMASABAWA who will save you because you have recited Vajra Guru Mantra. Om Ah Hung BaZar Guru Pad Ma Shi Dhi Hung.

How to remove Google Photos from your Phone Gallery

It is annoying that photos fro the google account is displaying on phone gallery. It makes the phone slow because of the huge number of photos from google account occupying the phone space. In order to delete the photos from phone gallery, follow the below steps.

Go to setting. Then to the Account. Then to "google" as show below.

Then Click on Google and unchecked "Sync Google Photos and Sync Picasa Web Albums" as show below.

Once you have completed with above, close and go to Application manager.
Go to ALL and find Gallery. You should Clear the data and clear cache. And finally Force to Stop the Gallery as show below.

Now go and check your photo gallery. Is there any photos from google. No, there won't be any photos.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Success forget its pillars

For me the sun and moon is equally important
Similarly the siblings of same blood
And comes the relatives
I forget to mention which is precious than any one of above, father and mother
Father and mother, my god.
I know I can’t repay them for what they have done for me.
But I will never ever let you upset by my deed
There is no love greater than parent’s love
Thank you apa and ama for your unwavering love
Any merit that I accumulate shall dedicate to you
I shall do best in the name of you

I can’t help you much when you need help
Don’t worry I am there to help with little thing I can do
Your happiness is my happiness
Your problem is my problem

A reluctant Sip to intentional sIp. Finally a SIP of beer.

A man entered the bar
And there he seat
Waving his hand reluctantly
His waving hand got an answer
A beautiful lady came to him and she asked
No sooner did she asked what he want
A man asked a bottle of beer, the Kinjor’s beer

He started with a reluctant Sip
Then second reluctant Sip
Third reluctant Sip
Then the intentional sIp
Finally the beer SIP

A foolishness is the sip, a sip of beer
The person who dance with a sip of beer

Do you enjoy a sip of beer?

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Milestone is near doorstep and did I achieve the desire target?

After 3 months I will have Bachelor in Electronic and Communication Engineering (BE ECE) Certificate. I am wondering whether I had intend knowledge and skill or more than intend of BE ECE graduate should acquire.

A dozen of questions with no definite answers are arising with one another. What will I do after graduating in the field? Technical or management work? Is BE ECE not desire course for me? What if I have joined to another general college?  No thoughts shall solve the problem at eleventh hour. The questions goes on. Did I make mistake in choosing the incorrect course? With no definite answer to the question, I came to realize I am doing big blunders. The blunders of intention. I should have set the target in 2011. What goes wrong within 5 years? Didn’t I prepare to get adequate knowledge and skill of ECE?

I am pretty sure I can have Certificate of BE ECE. And I am also sure I will have no concert skills of ECE. But I am optimistic. We are living in the era of technology. Resources are always available for willing person. If person has a wills to know, he will acquire his willingness. I have no worry of any skills. There are many people who I can ask the helps.

I am now eager to enter the world of independent and want to experience the first-hand experiences. 

Hard work goes in vain

We work tirelessly to achieve the target of the project. Our topic of the project is E-waste Management and designing of prototypes out of e-waste. It is research base project. The viewer may think we haven’t done any work, but in reality the research base project is the toughest project. It required all the critical thinking. We don’t mind for your baseless questions. We will never defend your question because we know you are going to connect my answers to another question. We won’t mind if it is at least a suggestion than debating question.

We are living in Bhutan and we know the trend of our society. We are living in the world of our own imagination. No one believe other but themselves. No body accept their mistake but defend their mistake. No body take feedback as feedback but as criticism. We ask the suggestion but suggestions are never taken into account.

I got to ask, am I living in Bhutan? Yes, I am. I have in my blood the trend of society. Do I need to change that trend? Yes, I got to change because no people like those trend.
Hard work goes in vain when no people just appreciate for the sake of giving courage of their work. We are living in the society where no people give your hard work a credit because they find your work is not at their par. How we can expect different people to have same quality of work. How can we conclude other work a dissatisfactory without analyzing? We have no manifest to analyze other yearlong task within a few minutes. If we have that power we may not be dreaming here. It would better if we give suggestion than criticism.

It is very disappointing to hear such a criticizing and disgusting words for one’s hard work output.    

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Nothing is in my heart but you.

The roaring sky with heavy rain of summer 2014 just can’t faded away from my heart. It is not because of the weather but the meeting of her.  I am waiting for similar incident indeed the permanent incident that last throughout my life.
She understood my feeling towards her yet she never want to pleased me. Still I am optimistic. She may say she has her favorite but I still believe I have a right to admire her.

The world itself is sarcasm. And people are. My intended feeling is never reached to intended people. If my intended feeling is understand by intended people, I am sure she will shock to know and she will pleased my feelings. But god has never create to understand my feeling by her. If by chance she understand my feeling towards her, she will realize I am the one and only guy that is caring her and will care her throughout her life.

The more and more I chat with her, and more and more I think of her, the affectionate to her is swelling like a summer river. The threshold point has already reached. The threshold point of can’t stop thinking about her.

There is one simple reason for loving her, to spend my life with her despite any tragedy. It give me immense pleasure and joy if I am chatting with her. She is simply amazing.

I love you for eternity. Please understand my love and feelings. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hard to write a piece of note.

I actually want to write whatever come in my mind daily. I take excuses like unavailability of internet access and constraint time. I only realize I was under control of laziness, perhabs the true laziness. I got to write about the trip to Para Taktsang and Chumbu Nye (Flying Buddha). I had an experiences which I never expected from those trip and which will surprise you. I am yet to write within a week about that. Until then I wish a wonderful week days after 3 days holiday and bye bye for now.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Short conversation with Sancha Sir.

I posted the screen shot photo featuring the brief information about the Ballon D”OR 2015 ceremony; when to happen and which TV channel will broadcast on my page “Thought of Jigme Zangpo facebook”. No sooner the post being posted, a new comment notification was notified. I checked who was the first person to comment, it was none other than my blogger friend (I called Sancha Sir. He maintained the blog Dairy that never tell lies. Catch him at given link and stay tune to his works) with the comment “Thanks Bro”. I understood Sancha Sir was also waiting eagerly to witnessed Ronaldo or Messi or Neymer taking away the Ballon D’OR award. But I had a thought, whether he is at College of Science and Technology as Class X papers evaluation was yet to happened from 13th December. I open the messenger and text to sir. I asked where sir is at the moment. It was bit a shock to hear, he was at CST during class XII papers evaluation. What made me more shocked is when sir told that he even saw me in the ICT office. I was about to text that sir could have talk to me but before I press the send button I got message from sir saying second chance is always there and he was bit busy too. I am hoping to meet Sancha sir in future. It was nice chatting with sir after knowing long time back from blogging. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Thank you 2015

A short stay in Spain in Europe till 28/6/2015 and half year in mother land, Bhutan marks the end 2015 for me.  No misfortunes encounter me owing to god almighty blessing. I thank you, 2015 for winding and leaving me peacefully.

Today, (6/1/2016) almost end of wish fulfilling year, 2016, I would like to offer my prayer to triple gem for successful year. A year, 2016 will be critical and life changing year for me. I am optimistic; year 2016 will be similar to 2015. I will never keep 2016 itself but will commit and dedicate myself towards responsible to have a successful year, 2016.

To all, a very Happy new year. May 2016 be your year. may Guru Rinpoche bless you. Om Ma Ni PAD mi Hung.

Guru Rinpoche la namo

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Reading his post isn’t a waste of time.

Thank you facebook page “Writer Association of Bhutan.” It was through this page I came across one inspiring writer who daily write about his life experiences and piece of encouragement to youth. Sometime a heart laughter by writing piece of joke.  His post never let me to waste my time rather it give a joy of reading his post. He writes daily. Sometime more than a post. His writing is simple but never fall to impress me for his style of writing. If you read what I am writing and you are also one of the reader of his writing, you will believe me because you too might have same feeling like me.

I have been reading his post on facebook page “Writer Association of Bhutan” long time back. A week ago, I decided to send him a friend request on his facebook account. Before I send him a request, I browsed his facebook page and found no photo of him. I guess he is elder because in his several post, he has mentioned about his children. I sent friend request and he accepted my request. Thank you la for accept. Now I can see his post on his timeline. I need not have to go to Writer Association of Bhutan page for his post.
 Did I make sense who I am talking about? Who I am talking? Could please mention his good name?

My experience and my attitude.


I know me more than anybody else. I know short tempered isn’t a good attitude. Speaking frankly, I am also the short tempered man. Sometime I regret a lot for my action out of frustration. I have tried to improve and do away with that habit. It is not an easy task do away the long time habit. Through meditation and prayer, now I could at least alert during the action and trying to control. I have improve more now. I am going to improve further via mindfulness during talk with friends. Knowing my fault is my strength but not correcting and accepting is my weakness. What is your strength and weakness? 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Rumors from CST scattering from corner to corner.

The recent headline in Thimphu Confession Page about CST let me to write something. I expect a problem from 800 plus students and my expectation come true. My expectation proof to be wrong when I understand how problem raised (I won’t mention problem here).

Generally speaking, today’s youth are smart in creating problem. They never listen to elders. This applies to few. Most of the youths are exceptionally good. The recent issue in CST should be within CST but due to few rotten apple it just get spread throughout the country. I wonder why they should spread the rumors. Even if rumors is true they should think they are member of CST and avoid spreading. It take many years to gain the name and fame of person but with a simple mistake the name and fame gather get collapse cruelly. CST had maintain its reputation for a decade because of good seniors but reputation collapse recently because of junior’s deed and rumors in confession page. I felt sorry for making CST a headline in social media.

Frankly speaking, student of CST are working hard to achieve what they desire. They work hard to become a capable and good engineers. I know all students of our country are hardworking students. Let us never generalize the students as problematic just because of few problem. We know there will be problematic people anywhere. Let give problematic people an opportunities to change themselves. We will surprise to see them changing to normal. Let us support them by not blaming.

Now, let us shoulder our responsibilities to serve our country. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Audience arrived. John and James is on the stage and Drama about to start.

John: Hey man, do you have a heart to hurt?
James: Yo man, are you mad? I do have heart but I won’t answer whether my heart know when and how to hurt.

John: Okey brother. Let us discuss about feelings for a while. Shall we?
James: Yeah of course but why you want particularly this silly topic. There are many interesting topic to be discussed.
John: James, forget about other topic for now. I doubt whether people really have heart because they only know about their heart. To be frank, I was hurt with my friend Oskarbe before he was hurt with me. And….(Conversation disturb in between).

James: Oh yeah. I heard Oskarbe was hurt with you John. I didn’t ask him because I know he will just tell greener part of his incident.

John: What you mean by greener part?

James: Greener part in the sense, people just talk good or right thing about themselves when they have contradict with anyone. You know I never like to listen bad-mouthing (backbiting). Anyway John, I say just forget those fucking shit.

John: Thanks brother. (Audience murmur as louder).

James and John exit. (Drama still not started)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Four-time Ballon d'Or injured.

I know you will return soon with very strong and mighty. I am waiting for your return soon. I won’t watch Barcelona match instead I will pray for your recovery. 
I was extremely sad to learn that Barcelona and Argentina star Lionel Messi was seriously injured on Saturday laliga league match against Las Palmas. Because of his torn knee ligament it was confirm that he will miss 7-8 weeks, which mean almost 2 months according to twitter tweeted by club. It was indeed a huge loss to Barcelona without star forward Lionel Messi for at least 2 months. Missing 2 months will force Messi to miss the El-Clasico, the biggest match of Laliga league which fall on end of the November, 2015.

I can’t do anything to help you to recover soon but I have for you is the deepest prayer from my bottom of heart for sooner recovery. May god know the argent need of you at Barcelona and blessed you for sooner recovery. May the prayers of your millions fans of globe will help you to recover soon.